SureThing CD Labeler

Create covers and labels for CDs and DVDs


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SureThing is great tool that is very useful for creating and designing covers, cookies, tags and other elements of your CDs and DVDs.

The program incorporates a large number of preset images and clip-arts, as well as a great quantity of special effects for text, and templates that you may use,

In addition you can import images from a scanner so you'll have the ability to make copies directly from an original design.

Your options are vast and include templates for making boxes for CD,DVD, audio cassettes, VHS video, diskettes,and zip disks, etc. It even has support for the most popular brands of models and tickets such as Memorex, Stick-It, Avery o Neato.

No doubt, this is one of the best options for creating covers and labels.

The trial version includes everything and is functional for 15 days.

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